Building Conversations

Capital Campaign to Repair and Renovate Our Space

We invite you to participate with us in stewarding God’s gifts, expanding our reach, and partnering with our city. We have launched a capital campaign to raise money for many building improvements and renovations which will enable us to care well for our building, act on our vision to serve our neighbors, make the most of the city’s generous matching grant, and work as partners with the Community Redevelopment Agency in seeking the good of the city in which we live.

You can contribute online via WebLink’s secure server by clicking the button below, or via check by mail, designated to “Building Conversations,” made out to the Christian Study Center of Gainesville, 112 NW 16th Street, Gainesville, FL 32603. Thank you so much for your partnership in serving the university community with the faithful, thoughtful presence of Christ.

Our Facilities Before Renovation

Renovation Progress


Because of the goodness of an especially generous and visionary supporter, who donated our building to us back in 2000, the Christian Study Center has enjoyed the benefit of a wonderful facility through which to serve the university community. Knowing that God has blessed us with a wonderful gift, we have worked hard to care for this gift, and we want to stay on this trajectory of good stewardship.


Meanwhile, Pascal’s Coffeehouse, which once served hundreds of patrons in a semester, now serves hundreds of patrons in a day. Our tables are full through much of the day, and it is often hard to find a seat. We love having this problem and are eager to maximize the potential of our property for serving our neighbors.

As we think in terms of stewardship and vision, the city of Gainesville is taking exciting initiatives as well. In conjunction with renovating 1 st Avenue NW (the street that runs between our Study Center and University Avenue) the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency is offering matching grants to local businesses that choose to improve their façade. Given our own desire to take good care of our building and to make the most of our property, we are eager to make the most of the city’s offer of a matching grant.

We have launched a capital campaign that will fund several projects including several minor repairs, some major maintenance items, furniture and carpeting for our offices, and some much-needed renovations to our restrooms. We will also be enlarging our patio seating and enhancing our 16th street façade. All of these improvements will enable us to care well for our building, act on our vision to serve our neighbors, make the most of the city’s generous matching grant offer, and work as partners with the Community Redevelopment Agency in seeking the good of the city in which we live.


We invite you to participate with us in stewarding God’s gifts, expanding our reach, and partnering with our city. In order to accomplish our goals we will need your help in raising $125,000. The good news is that the Study Center’s Board of Directors and Pascal’s Coffeehouse have combined to contribute an initial $25,000, and the matching grant from the city will contribute another $20,000 once our façade project is completed. That leaves $80,000 worth of opportunities for all of you who share the Study Center’s vision for serving the university community with the thoughtful consideration of a Christian understanding of life.

The chart to the right shows our campaign progress as of March, 2018.


See an interview with Dr. Richard Horner about Building Conversations in our Spring 2017 issue of Under Consideration.

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