Contradiction and the Body – Week 3

Week three of the Director’s Class provides an integral foundation for understanding our culture of possibilities. From Michel Foucault to Jay Leno, Dr. Horner argues that our current cultural climate has “an unbearable lightness of being.” While Nietzsche and his heirs have pointed out that we now live in an empty space, one still feels that something matters, that something is at stake in how we live. Is our individualized religion anything more than the self-fashioning our current culture pushes us towards? Or do the individual meanings we fashion point us towards a larger meaning, towards something deeper?

Contradiction and the Body – Week 2

The second week of the Director’s Class provides the first framework of modernity – a culture of endless possibilities. Friedrich Nietzsche’s Twilight of Idols and The Gay Science provide a telling portrait of our cultural tale – an empty space of affirmation and absolute freedom that is inviting and intoxicating. How then can we make sense of this cultural framework that pervades our being in this world?

Culture of Possibilities – Week 1

This is the first week of the Director’s Class, Culture of Possibilities, taught by Dr. Richard Horner, Executive Director of the Christian Study Center. In this first session, Dr. Horner shares some biographical information and lays the foundation for exploring how Christianity could be a compelling framework for understanding the world.

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