2017 Spring Institute

Co-Sponsored by the Christian Study Center of Gainesville

and the Gainesville Pastoral Formation Program.

Hosted by City Church.

“Through the Eyes of C.S. Lewis: Medieval Wisdom for Everyday Life”
Free Public Lecture, 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 27, 2017
“Getting Medieval on Health, Art, Science, Private Virtue, Public Ethics, and More” 
All-day Institute, Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Dr. Chris Armstrong is the director of “Opus: The Art of Work” at Wheaton College and the author of Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians. He brought his expertise in medieval history to guide clergy and ministry leaders in recovering the medieval mind on practical issues of spirituality and human life.

We are unable to offer a recording of these lectures. However, you can find other lectures and material by Dr. Armstrong at the following links:

Website for the book: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians

“Getting Medieval with C.S. Lewis: Spiritual Wisdom from a Forgotten Age” (Lecture given at the Anselm House)

“The Intuitive Medievalism of C.S. Lewis” (Lecture given at the Wade Center)

Made To Work, Made To Worship

2015 Summer Institute on Faith and Vocation

James K. A. Smith, Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College and Editor of Comment Magazine, led a weekend intensive of lectures and discussions incorporating biblical wisdom and contemporary scholarship focused on how what we do shapes who we are.

Resources For You: Reference List | Session 7 Review and Discussion Notes

More pictures from the Summer Institute can be found on our alumni page and on Facebook.

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