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Click the arrow under a heading to read more about different program aspects. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to email – we’ll be glad to help. (betsy@christianstudycenter.org)

Final Essay

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Q: Who needs to write a Final Essay, and why?

A: The Final Essay must be written by each student participating in the undergraduate seminars because the writing process will enable students to deepen reflection on faith and vocation and internalize the knowledge gained throughout the program. Final Essays will also be used to help in evaluation of the program.

Q: What is the Final Essay about?

A: The Final Essay must be written in response to one of the following three prompts: (1) How has your thinking about work changed during the past year? (2) What are the most important lessons you have learned about how hour Christian faith and biblical understanding inform the work you do? (3) How will your seminar track experience shape the way you look for work after you graduate from college?

Q: How long should the Final Essay be?

A: The final essay should be 500-800 words.

Q: How should the Final Essay be formatted?

A: The Final Essay should be typed in 10-12 pt. font, double spaced. The prompt to which the essay responds must be quoted at the beginning of the essay. The student’s name and track title should be at the top of the first page.

Q: How should the Final Essay be submitted?

A: The Final Essay should be submitted electronically (PDF preferred, but Word doc. or equivalent acceptable) by email to betsy@christianstudycenter.org.

Q: When is the Final Essay due?

A: The Final Essay is due by midnight on March 26, 2017.

$300 Fellowship Award

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Q: What is the Fellowship Award/Stipend?

A: The Fellowship Award/Stipend is a small amount of money ($300) awarded to each student accepted to participate in the seminars who attends each session faithfully and participates actively. This award is intended to aid the student in further vocational discernment and development. In order to foster the best community environment for learning in this program, we ask students to commit to the following program requirements: 1] Attendance at all required seminar sessions (2 meetings at the CSC, 5 meetings at the track leader’s home), 2] Completion of reading assignments, 3] Active preparation for and involvement in discussion, 4] Completion of a final essay, 5] Submission of a proposal for use of the $300 fellowship award. (Full participation is required to qualify for the $300 fellowship award.) See program syllabus/track syllabi for more details.

Q: When are fellowship awards given?

A: Fellowship awards will be given to students who attend faithfully and participate actively in seminar sessions and complete an acceptable Fellowship Investment Proposal form (available online). Proposals may be submitted through our website beginning on Sunday, January 1, 2017. The absolute deadline for fellowship proposals is midnight, Tuesday, February 21, 2017. Because we recognize the potential for job interviews/grad school visits during the spring semester, we are willing to award fellowships before the conclusion of the program. However, students who receive the award early must commit to fulfill all remaining program requirements listed above. Fellowship Investment Proposals must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date funds are needed in order to allow time for review, approval, and check processing.

Q: What are acceptable uses of the fellowship award?

A: Students are encouraged to use their awards creatively with the goal of growing in vocational discernment and development. One could attend a Christian conference, a professional conference, buy books focusing on faith and vocation, visit a graduate school campus, travel to shadow a professional, fund a volunteer/internship experience, or conduct research about faith and vocation. Other ideas are welcome. Submit ideas online using the Fellowship Investment Proposal form (mentioned above).

Q: When is the deadline for submitting the Fellowship Investment Proposal form to receive the fellowship award?

A: Proposals may be submitted through our website beginning on Sunday, January 1, 2017. The absolute deadline for fellowship proposals is midnight, Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

Q: What kind of accountability is required for the fellowship award?

A: Fellowship awards are used on the honor system. Each student commits to full participation in the program and use of the fellowship award toward their personal vocational discernment and/or development as agreed upon in their fellowship investment proposal. No receipts are required to be submitted.

Q: How is the fellowship award received?

A: Each student is notified of proposal approval and invited to come to the Christian Study Center office to receive the fellowship award. The award is given in the form of a check made out to the student for $300. Each student must provide their signature acknowledging receipt of the check.

Track Participation Logistics

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Q: Do participants have to buy their own reading materials?

A: No, all reading materials are provided for seminar participants.

Q: I have no way to get to the seminar track meetings – How can I get a ride?

A: Contact your seminar track leader if you need help with a ride – something can be arranged to get you to your seminar meetings.

Q: What if I have to miss a session?

A: Full participation in all sessions is expected of each student and required to receive a fellowship award. Participation obstacles will be evaluated by track leaders on a case by case basis – if schedule conflicts are anticipated, email betsy@christianstudycenter.org to discuss.

Application Questions

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Q: Is there a registration fee for the seminars?

A: No, there is no registration fee.

Q: What if I am not a student – can I still participate?

A: Seminar spaces are limited. Preference will be given to undergraduate students enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester.

Q: Am I allowed to participate in the seminars again if I was a participant during a previous academic year?

A: Although preference will be given to first-time participants, we welcome people to apply to participate again, especially if we are offering a new track that has not been offered before.

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