Reconsiderations is a publication of the Christian Study Center with essays and reviews that explore the significance of Christian thought for the university community. As of Fall 2009, it will be published twice yearly in the Fall and the Spring. Although Reconsiderations is designed as a print publication, this archive is available for you to revisit past issues.

Issues are downloadable in PDF format.

Volume 19

  • Number 1, Fall 2018  “One Hundred Years (or so) of Distraction” essay by Michael Sacasas; Luke 2:120, The Birth of Christ Our Lord; Recommended resource: “The King James Bible,” by James Chapin.

Volume 18

  • Number 1, Summer 2018 “Learning to Love: Reflections on the Relationship Between Desire and Reason,” essay by Juan Alcala; “Understanding Technology and the Self: Suggested Resources From Our Reading Group” by Tim Schubert

Volume 17

  • Number 2, Summer 2017 “The Enduring Power of Scientism,” essay by Richard V. Horner; Recommended Resource: Blaise Pascal, Provincial Letters (1657) by Richard V. Horner
  • Number 1, January 2017 “Sub-Creation: J. R. R. Tolkien’s Vision of Imagination at Work,” essay by Juan Alcala; “What Do You Make of That? Andy Crouch on Creativity and Culture,” by Todd Best; Poem for Theophany: “The Baptism of Christ,” by Malcolm Guite

Volume 16

  • Number 2, September 2016 “The Trees Will Probably Clap Their Hands At This,” by Caroline Hament, 1st Place Essay Contest Winner; “The Act of Choice, or, How To Decide What To Do With One’s Whole Entire Life,” by Scott Trinkle, 2nd Place Essay Contest Winner
  • Number 1, December 2015 “More, But Not Less, Than a Carpenter,”
    an excerpt from pastor Tom Nelson’s book titled Work Matters: Connecting Sunday
    Worship to Monday Work; Recommended Resource: The Church at Work Conference: Equipping the Saints for Everyday Faithfulness – A conference for pastors and ministry leaders – March 8-10, 2016; Advent Meditation: Traditional Welsh Carol

Volume 15

  • Number 2, July 2015 Essay: James W. Lynch, Jr., M.D. – “Incarnation and Hospitality as Guides for Patient Care”; Recommended Resource: Nancy J. Nordenson, Finding Livelihood: A Progress of Work and Leisure
  • Number 1, December 2014 Essay: Dr. Richard Horner – “The Glory of God in the Face of Christ”; Recommended Resource: Wendell Berry, A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems 1979-1997

Volume 14

  • Number 1, July 2014 Essay: Laurie A. Goddard – “Weaving Justice into the Art of Therapy”; Recommended Resource: Flannery O’Connor

Volume 13

Volume 12

Volume 11

  • Number 2, June 2012 Essay: Sean C. Hill – “Medieval Meditations for Modern Times: Reconsidering Contemporary Questions through Premodern Frameworks”; Review: Matthew Delvaux – “An Introduction to the Literature of Medieval Spirituality”
  • Number 1, December 2011 Essay: C. John Sommerville – “Recent Critiques of the University”; Program Spotlight: Todd Best – “Graduate Roundtable”

Volume 10

  • Number 2, May 2011 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “A Lenten Meditation on The Fall; Review: J. Stephen Addcox – “Selections from Passion and Poetry: Readings for Lent”
  • Number 1, December 2010 Essay: C. E. Hill – “Silencing the Bishop: The Ugly Irenaeus”; Review: C. John Sommerville – “Notes from the Reading Group: Why Church and University Need Each Other”

Volume 9

  • Number 2, May 2010 Essay: C. John Sommerville – “Science, Nature, and Soul”; Review: J. Stephen Addcox – “Seeking God in Verse: John Donne and George Herbert”
  • Number 1, December 2009 Essay: James Lynch – “Information Overload and the Need for Wisdom”; Review: Richard Horner – “Genesis Three in Literature”

Volume 8

  • Number 3, May 2009 Essay: Tim Schubert – “Thinking About Food and Why It Matters”; Review: C. John Sommerville – “Considering the Work of Rodney Stark”
  • Number 2, December 2008 Essay: Brent Henderson – “What Makes Us Human? Two Perspectives from Linguistics”; Advent Verse: Lucy Shaw – “Mary’s Song”
  • Number 1, September 2008 Essay: Richard Horner – “Being Human in a Post-humanist Culture”; Review: Sarah Hamersma – “Deep Economy by Bill McKibben”

Volume 7

  • Number 4, June 2008 Essay: Nicholas Wolterstorff – “Speaking Up For Rights, Part 2”; Review: C. John Sommerville – “Who Cares What Jane Austen Thinks?”
  • Number 3, March 2008 Essay: Nicholas Wolterstorff – “Speaking Up For Rights, Part 1”; Review: C. John and Susan Sommerville – “Twitchell on the Church”
  • Number 2, December 2007 Essay: Daniel Julich – “Blaise Pascal’s Mathematical Milieu”; Review: Todd A. P. Best – “Reading Dorothy Sayers: Christianity as Dogma or Drama?”
  • Number 1, September 2007 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “Anatomy of a Study Center”; Review: C. John Sommerville – Charles Taylor and Templeton Prize

Volume 6

  • Number 4, June 2007 Essay: Margie Weinert – “Childhood, Aging, and the Fall”; Review: Graham Glover – “On ‘Faith and Reason'”
  • Number 3, March 2007 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “The Work Itself”; Review: Todd Best – “Restoring Humanism in the University”
  • Number 2, December 2006 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “Flannery O’Connor on Imagination”; Review: “Advent Reflection”
  • Number 1, October 2006 Essay: C. John Sommerville – “How Christian Ideas Might Change the University”; Review: Michael Hickerson – “Emerging Scholars Network”

Volume 5

  • Number 4, August 2006 Essay: Ken Myers – “Cultural Engagement vs. Captivity, pt 2”; Review: C. John Sommerville – “Excorsizing Dan Brown”
  • Number 3, April 2006 Essay: Ken Myers – “Cultural Engagement vs. Captivity, pt 1”; Review: Todd Best – “Mars Hill Audio”
  • Number 2, December 2005 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “The Old Testament Story of the Birth of Christ”; Poem: Robert Southwell’s “The Burning Babe”
  • Number 1, October 2005 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “What Frames What?”; Review: Benjamin Guyer – The Spirit of Early Christian Thought

Volume 4

  • Number 4, July 2005 Essay: Todd A. P. Best – “Bodily Knowledge: Medicine, the Human, and the University”; Review: C. John Sommerville – “The Good News from the Jesus Seminar”
  • Number 3, March 2005 Essay: Nathan Tiemeyer – “When They Look at the World: Reality and Redemption in the Music of U2”; Review: Review: James Walden – “Paste Magazine: Finding Fertile Soil in Common Ground”
  • Number 2, December 2004 Essay: Eleonore Stump – “Aristocracy and Obligation: The Medieval Lists of Almsdeeds”; Review: Richard V. Horner – “PBS’s ‘The Question of God’ Offers a Fresh Approach to a Timeless Conversation”
  • Number 1, September 2004 Essay: Merold Westphal – “When Not to Refute Atheism: Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud for Christian Reflection”; Review: Michael A. Harper – “Looking into the Mirror of Evil: A Review of the Moral Philosophy of Eleanore Stump”

Volume 3

  • Number 4, April 2004 Essay: Andy Crouch – “What I Wish I Had Known My Freshman Year of College”; Review: Scott Kaukonen – Review of The Life You Save May Be Your Own: An American Pilgrimage, Paul Elie (2003). Note: Due to a printing error, this issue is incorrectly printed as Volume 3, Number 3. It is actually Number 4.
  • Number 3, March 2004 Essay: C. John Sommerville – “An Historian De-codes The Da Vinci Code; Review: Todd A. Best – “Taking Ideas and Culture Seriously: Books and Culture. Note: Due to a printing error, this issue is incorrectly labeled as March 2003. It is actually the March 2004 issue.
  • Number 2, December 2003 Essay: John Sommerville – “Could We Improve the Bible? Why the Bible Works: Narrative Theory”; Resources for Reflection: Todd A. Best – “Recovering the Holy of the Christmas Holiday”
  • Number 1, October 2003 Essay: Richard Horner – “From the Director”; Recommended Resources: Todd A. Best – “Mars Hill Audio Journal: Helping Us to Think About the Neighborhood”

Volume 2

  • Number 4, June 2003 Essay: Charles Mackenzie – “The Practices of a Christian Scholar”; Review: C. John Sommerville – Review of Charles Taylor, Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity (1989)
  • Number 3, March 2003 Essay: James Davison Hunter – “Moral Discourse and its Ironies”; Review: Patrick Kee – Review of James Davison Hunter, Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America (1991) and The Death of Character: Moral Education in an Age Without Good or Evil (2000)
  • Number 2, November 2002 Essay: John Sommerville – “Is the Church the Villain of History?”; Also by John Sommerville, “What Students Don’t Know About Their Majors”
  • Number 1, September 2002 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “Genesis Chapter Three”; Review: Todd A. Best – Review of A Jonathan Edwards Reader (1995)

Volume 1

  • Number 4, May 2002 Essay: Richard Horner – “Paradoxes of Christian Scholarship”; Todd A. Best – “Talking about Religion(s): The Use of Reason in a Pluralistic Religious Setting”
  • Number 3, February 2002 Essay: John Sommerville – “The Marginalization of the University: Fashion Replaces Argument”; Review: Jay Lynch – Review of Cornelius Plantinga, Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be; A Breviary of Sin (1995).
  • Number 2, December 2001 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “A Christmas Message from the Psalms”; Review: Todd Best – “The Hidden Smile of God“.
  • Number 1, October 2001 Essay: Richard V. Horner – “A Time for Reconsidering”; Review: Todd Best.

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