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CSC Announces New Program for Undergrads:

Thinking About Work: Undergraduate Seminars on Faith and Vocation

“All human toil is for the mouth, yet the soul is not satisfied.” (Ecclesiastes 6:7)

What do you think about work? Whether you are thinking about studying, handling a part-time job, or anticipating a career that lies ahead, how do you define vocation? Do you have conflicting ideas about how work plays into your sense of purpose, fulfillment, and identity as a Christian? Do you see work as a neutral area in your life separated from things that really matter, or a necessary evil, or simply a means to an end?

Do you want to learn to see work itself as integral to your whole life?

The CSC is pleased to announce our Undergraduate Seminars on Faith and Vocation, a component of our faith and vocation initiative called The Work Itself.

Click here for details.

Take the time to enjoy this short video about faith and vocation at the Center.

Located just off the campus of the University of Florida, the Christian Study Center of Gainesville is an independent center for Christian studies that seeks to facilitate the thoughtful exploration of a Christian understanding of life and culture.  The center draws on the intellectual and cultural resources of the Christian tradition and on the scholarly resources of higher education in order to understand cultural change and to address enduring, human questions that are widely shared in the University community.

The modern objective consciousness will go to any length to prove that it is not unique in the Cosmos, and by this very effort establishes its own uniqueness. Name another entity in the cosmos which tries to prove it is not unique.

Walker Percy, Lost in the Cosmos