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Spring 2014

While our major program has concluded this semester, we encourage you to explore our audio resources and podcasts available for free. Additionally, our Lenten reading group continues until Easter on Fridays at 12:50pm. The Director’s Class will conclude on April 9, however, all of the sessions are available on our website and through podcasts. Stay tuned for updates about our upcoming programs.


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Located just off the campus of the University of Florida, the Christian Study Center of Gainesville is an independent center for Christian studies that seeks to facilitate the thoughtful exploration of a Christian understanding of life and culture.  The center draws on the intellectual and cultural resources of the Christian tradition and on the scholarly resources of higher education in order to understand cultural change and to address enduring, human questions that are widely shared in the University community.

When Conrad said that his aim as an artist was to render the highest possible justice to the visible universe, he was speaking with the novelist's surest instinct. The artist penetrates the concrete world in order to find at its depths the image of its source, the image of ultimate reality.

Flannery O'Connor